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Kanya, much like its symbol and name is feminine, lady-like, graceful and duty-bound. The 6th Sign of the Hindu Zodiac, Kanya is also a meticulous perfectionist. Most Kanya Rashi born natives are sincere and caring to the fault — towards their families, friends and loved ones. People born under this Moon sign are open to helping others, especially the ones who are close to others. They also make good parents, and are pretty protective of their mate, family and loved ones. They are of average height. They have a pale skin complexion, high forehead, beautiful eyes, and a sensitive mouth.

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They have a delicate body, and long, elegant arms, but can be very fidgety. The split at the end of the nose, a gap in the front teeth and cheek pouches mark them out. Kanya symbolizes purity. They have a high sense of good and bad. They have an uncanny ability to sense the ulterior motives of people. This makes them very circumspect in their dealings with others. Though they are rather passive, when the situation demands it, they can be very agile. People born under this Moon sign are a cleanliness freak, which may seem irrational to others.

Although they are intelligent, they can frequently feel confused about their daily chores. They may not exactly be an extrovert, but they are good at making new contacts. Their keen sense of responsibility can often lead to heavy stress.

They can be emotional, too, but they rarely make their emotions public, preferring to keep within themselves which, at times, can add to the stress. They make an excellent lover. They are sensuous, methodical and have a great deal of patience, which means they can wait a long time for their soul-mate to figure out they have a good thing going. They prefer to have a few strong connections rather than many partners.

They are loyal to their partners and love to live on the wild side once in a while.

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As a friend, they are attached to close ones. However, once they become intimate with a friend they will go to great lengths to keep them happy.

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