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You saved my marriage. Our married life was never so beau. I want to use this opportunity to Thank this great man named Mr. Ajatt Oberoi for what he has done for me and my family. I was really disappointed and had lost all hopes. There came an opportunity at my door. God send this man for our help. One of my friend who had already visited him suggested me to visit Mr.

Ajatt Oberoi and to try our hands on Astrology. We visited him he saw our horoscopes and assured us that I will definitely conceive and he even predicted a month in which I will concieve. After seeing our horoscopes he suggested us gemstones for me and my husband. After wearing those gemstones within 2 months I conceived and by grace of god we are blessed with twins. This is more than words I can say, All thanks to Mr. Ajatt Oberoi for making this possible. I will recommend him to others as well. A wonderful experience, I had visited any astrologer for the very first time. His every word is motivating.

He showed me the path to light, positive and hope. I felt very relaxed and relieved of my negativity after I left his chamber and I had a blind believe he can do best for me with his knowledge and power. I thank you once again for all your unique advises that forced me to introspect myself and perfect choice of solution that change the whole perspective of viewing this life and its problems. You are a wonderful person I have ever met. Thank you so much Mr. I want to express my gratitude to Mr. He gives a very careful advice regarding everything and he answers everything with so much patience.

I was very disturbed with my life and career. He told me that I have to wear some gemstones. I followed his advice and I can see the change. The gemstones have given me desired result. I am very thankful to Mr. Ajatt Oberoi at all the times. Visited Mr.

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I was unemployed at that time. I was shocked about the prediction and it came correct too as his prediction. I am thankful to him for his help. He is the best Astrologer in World. Ajatt Oberoi gave me the most accurate reading I have ever, ever had. He explained myself to me better than I could have ever. He had wonderful things to say about my evolutionary progression as a spiritual being. I am, at best, a pedestrian when it comes to Astrological issues, but he took the time to explain everything, making the reading very clear.

He also made practical life recommendations based on my chart. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Mr. I honestly did not know what to expect but I went in with an open mind. Once Mr. Ajatt started the reading I was completely speechless and blown away with the things he said. He was right on point with everything. Dr Joshi is very detailed and made sure I felt very comfortable with the information given. Everything was simple to understand and all my questions were answered. Ajatt Oberoi is easy to talk to and I can feel the sincerity in his voice and presence. Thank you Mr.

Ajatt for the guidance. Ajat is a angel for me since four years. His services simply fantastic. He makes me calm and confident. Eventually my routine becomes better and better in day to day. Ajatt is most trustable and best person in astrology.. I am actually getting benefits from gemstone given by him.. I suggest you guys to visit and take guidance for better future Being in the Sales Department, I had to achieve my targets, which was getting bit difficult. Moreover, my work, my efforts were also not being recognized. Ajat Oberoii, and because of him my income doubled within 8 months. I achieved fame and got recognition.

Have known Ajattji for over 3 years now His predictions have been so very accurate and his advice on gemstones has been perfect in solving our issues Thanks Ajjatji. I have been struggling to establish myself professionally. The struggle started affecting on my health. After taking the consultation from Mr. I was undergoing depression due to financial crisis and had decided to even commit suicide.

At that point of time I met Mr. Ajat Oberoii, and he suggested the astrological remedies. After that my life changed completely. Now I have secure job and I am successful and moreover my financial crisis got over. Then I met an Astrologer Mr. Ajat Oberoii, whatever he predict about my past, present and future, it was Accurate. Very firstly i wud like to thank mr. Ajat oberoi for guiding me in my most difficult period of life where i was drained off completely.

By his guidance i have got my second life where i realised without him it was almost impossible. Thank you so much sir Six months ago, I happen to meet Astrologer Mr. Ajatt Oberoi with regards to my health problem which was taking a serious toll on my hearings. He has got expertise at Kundli reading based on the same he gives excellent guidance which is worth and definitely caters to solve your problems and worries, his predictions are marvelous. Apart from this few more remedial measures were suggested which worked very well in my career it surprised me because I never approached him in this lines but he himself understood the same and guided me.

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I was surprised to see that I not only got the promotion but I started getting appreciation in my day to day work. I am happy because I have been looked up as an asset to my organization which was a dream but has come to reality with his advice. I feel whoever seeks his advice will be benefited. Met Ajatt in , with life that was full of ups and downs. With his guidance and, post wearing advised stones, the problems have reduced and now I have gained enough confidence to stand them. Thanks Ajatt for being on our side with your valuable guidance.

My husband was facing lot of problems in his job. There was lot of tension in the house. My health was deteriorating due to tensions around. My husband was losing the confidence in solving the hurdles in his workplace. We contacted Mr. He received his promotion and fame. I was not getting the desired result in my career. My father was having health problems and due to all such circumstances even I started having health issue.

Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer. After seeing my horoscope he predicted the heart surgery for my father and even predicted the month in which it will take place. He suggested Gemstone Therapy as well as Vaastu for the house and after getting the remedies prescribed by him my father regained his health. My health improved and my Career Graph moved up. I thank Mr. Ajatt Oberoi for his amazing report on remedies which worked not as a miracle but as a scientific tool he advised these after going through my Kundli.

I could actually see results from thin air materializing. If I would stop, suddenly the results would disappear. This testing went on by me for some few months. I am fully convinced the remedies prescribed by Mr. Ajatt Oberoi are genuine. My best wishes to you sir. I am very glad we followed her advice. After meeting him and following his instructions, we slowly became more united.

Somehow our parents also got reconciled, and now we have become one big happy family. While, I am glad to consult him, I will recommend him to others as well who want to consult an astrologer. I can only speak from personal experience the stones that I purchased from you have worked for me. I can find myself in good health, good mood and socializing with people happily.

I am totally convinced by your ways of dealings in Kundli. Your special combination of stones has greatly benefited me in my business Arun Shetty- Businessman. Ajatt Oberoi, snags from my professional life disappeared. I got approval for two TV projects and assignments in TV serials and films. The money problem too disappeared. Mr Ajatt Oberoi is one of the most famous and completely genuine astrologers I have ever met.

In my opinion he is the Best Astrologer In India. His services are genuine , authentic and you feel fully satisfied after meeting Mr Ajatt Oberoi. I am consulting him regularly since last 6 years. His Knowledge about numerology is immense. He helped us choose a lucky name for my little angel. May god bless Mr. I developed health problem due to the crisis in business. I was facing a major business partnership problem. Ajat Oberoii, an Astrologer, and as per his guidance and Gemstone therapy I resolved all my issues viz.

He took my birth detail and then the prediction which I was waiting for through my birth chart. I wanted him to assist me on my career and I was extremely happy with the information shared as it was accurate, enlightening and left me feeling very confident. As my career was not on a right track for that he suggested me 5 gemstones which I am wearing it since two months and had already started noticing within 1 month could see some positive changes in my career.

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I am glad I consulted Ajatt Oberoi, He clarified my most important queries. He is a gem of a person and a great astrologer. If you need answers about your life, I highly recommend him. He suggested Gemstone Therapy as well as Vastu for the house and after getting the remedies prescribed by him my father regained his health. I opened the Beauty Parlour thinking that I will be on my own and would earn handsome income. For initial period, I earned average income but as the time passed I realized that I am still earning only an average income. After the Vastu of the Parlour, now my business has flourished and even my client base has increased.

My dream was to take up the job assignment abroad. I have been trying my luck but somehow the things were not moving as desired. With the help of astrological remedies given by Mr. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer, I got my foreign assignment and my career graph moved upwards. The struggle started showing on my health.

I was facing huge investment problem as the project of producing a movie got delayed. I was not getting the support required from my team. After applying the astrological remedies and the Investment Advice by Mr. I started getting the support and could establish myself as Film Producer in the Film Industry. I was very much interested in becoming an actress and was doing some small roles.

I have been struggling to get the lead roles. When I met Mr. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer, he advised me to change my field from acting to choreographing. I changed my field and today I am a well established choreographer. I own a garment business. I have been getting small orders but the desired success and fame was not there. I met Mr. After doing the Vaastu and Gemstone therapy, my life changed.

I started getting big projects and today I am a successful Garment Businessman. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer and because of him my income doubled within 8 months.

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I always wanted to earn fame through politics and hence entered the field. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer and he suggested astrological remedies to attain success and fame. Today I got success, fame and money as well. My work is being recognized in the society. My earnest wish was to take up foreign placement and to purchase my own house, which I could fulfill after getting the astrological remedies and vaastu solution from Mr. I am working for a government concern. There was lot of stress since my promotion got delayed and moreover I got depressed due to wrong transfer orders.

Additionally my wife's health and my child's health also became a worry. Ajatt Oberoi, Astrologer and he suggested astrological remedies. After which I got my promotion. The wrong transfer got rectified. The health of my wife and child improved. My parents were worried about my marriage.

Since I was a TV Artist, the right match was bit difficult to get in our community. We consulted Mr. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer and as per his guidance my marriage issue sorted out and now I am enjoying my family life. I have been struggling to make my ends meet. My business was not growing up. I was worried whether the hurdle would ever end. I happen to meet Mr. Since that time onward my life changed, the struggle got over and now I am successful Car Dealer.

I came from a small town and wanted to settle down in Mumbai. I have been struggling for many years. I developed health issue, finance issue. After taking the guidance from Mr. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer, I bought my own house, my health issue got resolved and I achieved fame. Being the owner of a Resort, I always wanted to achieve the name, fame and success.

I achieved name, fame and success. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer, and as per his guidance and Gemstone therapy I resolved all my issues viz. By profession, I am an Artist. I always wanted that my work should be recognized and people appreciate my art. Through the Gemstone therapy suggested by Mr. My husband was loosing the confidence in solving the hurdles in his workplace. Ajatt Oberoi, Astrologer, and with his guidance, my husband's job issue got sorted out.

I was struggling to get the stage shows. My dreams were shattered as there were no takers for my talent. The health issues of my children were also worrying me a lot. At that juncture of my life, I consulted Mr. Ajat Oberoii, and only because of his guidance on getting the Vaastu done for my house, today I have started getting stage shows.

I achieved name and fame. My children's health improved. I was suffering from heart ailment. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer, and he predicted that the month in which the Heart surgery will take place. Exactly at that period the heart surgery took place and I developed faith in him. He advised the Gem therapy and after that I am leading a healthy life. My IQ level was low. Moreover, I used to get fits. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer, and he suggested Colour Therapy and Gem Therapy and after that the fits were completely stopped and my IQ level started increasing.

My major issue was debt, and relationship. Ajat Oberoii, Astrologer, and he suggested the colour therapy and gemstone therapy and after that the debt was cleared and the relationship got improved. Ajatt Oberoi has helped me come out of the avalanche of negative vibes which I was facing after the sudden death of my beloved father and was totally depressed later on diagnosed to be suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

I had many issues in my career as well personal life, no matter what amount of efforts I made to stabilize those issues it was in vain, I was very much depressed and lost peace of mind, due to which there were frequent quarrels happening at office and home. Then I met Mr. Ajatt Oberoi, Astrologer, whatever he predict about my past,present and future, it was Accurate. I was not getting any jobs for so many years and was not getting desired result for the same.

Then i consulted Mr ajatt oberoi and he suggested me stone therapy and also the colour therapy. Ajatt Oberoi with regards to my health problem which was taking a serious toll on my earnings. As an Astrologer he has got a fine art to understand and solve one problems. He has got expertise at Kundali reading based on the same he gives excellent guidance which is worth and definitely caters to solve your problems and worries, his predictions are marvelous.

He advised me to go for gems stones and color therapies which worked out amazingly though I was advised by Doctors to undergo an operation but with the God's wish and his advice I overcome the health issues. I thank Mr Ajatt Oberoi for his amazing report on remedies which worked not as a miracle but as a scientific tool he advised these after going throuh my Kundali.

If I would stop, suddenly the results would dissappear. I am fully convinced the remedies prescribed by Mr Ajatt Oberoi are genuine. I would like to write a few lines, as I am especially thankful to Mr. Ajatt Oberoi because of the wonderful work. Thank you so much for helping me to work out so successful in mostly all of my cases in life. Before I knew you, my life was so bad. I have met many obstacles and negative things in life.

It blocked my success in life, such as in my career, as well as school life. Without your help, I wouldn't be able to be so lucky and get qualify to get into a very good University in USA to study. I found the good things started taking place in my life because of your advice and it was the same that almost everything I wanted and wished for, came true for me in very quick time Most of the negative energy has been cleared up as days go by. All the precious stones that I ordered from you were working extremely high rate of successes.

Thank you so much for all the greatest helps that you've been providing to me. I want to say that as per your suggestion to wear the White pearl with Yellow Sapphire I received a proposal of service to work with a candidate for Mayor, in the elections here in Mumbai. I accepted, worked and received the money for the work. I am obliged for your best service and for your help in explaining to me some doubts and suggesting the remedies. Thank you so much I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very very much. As the stones sugessted by Mr.

Ajatt Oberoi we have acquired a house that we always dreamt of. Thank you so much and God bless. Thank you. I m wearing the stones sugessted by you. Ajatt Oberoi's sugesstions work excellently, always available to answer my questions. I hope you don't mind them. Best wishes to you. You are wonderful. I have received my stone. I am completely satisfied with my merchandise. Thank You. I wish that this mail be displayed on your site, so that others can benefit from my experience after wearing the stones sugessted by Mr.

Ajatt Oberoi I feel strong positive influence helping me in my career and in life in general I have never considered myself to be a lucky girl, but now I really feel as though luck favors me. I was going through a difficult period in my life financially. I have started wearing the stones suggested by you this led to a change in fortune for me. Though things didn't change overnight, the effect has been tangible. I am totally convinced by your ways of dealings in Kundali. Your special combination of stones has greatly benefited me in my business. If you want to bring luck and better vibration in your life than one should get a reading from Mr.

I have told many people about this and one of them got a reading here. I m very happy it doesn't mean that you wont have bad times we all do from time to time, but the reading does tell you how to change the vibration for a better tomorrow and the same was experienced by me. Thanks to Mr. The reading I got was dead on.

I am very happy with the report. I am very thankful that Mr. Ajatt Oberoi has explained in details how to change my vibrations and improve my life. I have changed my name and I am seeing changes already. I have received a reading from Mr. I was told to change the name for a better vibration. I decide to do so. The result was amazing people were more receptive to me.

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I can say that my life has changed more positively. Ajatt Oberoi for your help. I must say numerology really works. I feel better and my life seems to be so much different, more positive people are attracted to my energy vibrations. Ajatt Oberoi is an expert! My life has improved, I just bought a new car, and it is my dream car things are better at work I must say that I m living a best life ever. Before it was a hell all the decision taken by me were turned to be wrong and lot of chaos and disagreement used to generate at work place but after numerlogy things have changed for me.

Ajatt Oberoi :. I could not get a job for 2 years, after I have changed my name by adding only one letter, I got a job in 1 month. I strongly believe it is because of numerology. I feel my vibrations are luckier. Before the change I was always depressed, antisocial. Numerology had changed that. I changed my name in January and after 3 months I have seen drasticle changes, I have a new well paid job, it is great to work here as the time is also feasiable and I can look after my family.

Thanks Mr Ajatt. I finally am able to quit my job. I hated working for that company, boss was super annoying prick. I opened my own company 2 weeks ago, and we already have 3 major clients. I really can't say this happened because of numerology, but for 25 years I was always working in that damn company. I changed my name legally 6 months ago exactly as you suggested, I even named my company as you told me too.

I really did not believe my dream will happen someday, I still have many years in front of me and I am happy. Next month we are recruiting new people. When I meet my clients I am always super confident. After changing my name my life is totally different.

I got a new job and moved to another city. I had to break up with people that were making me unhappy. Finally I must say, I met new friends and I feel wonderful. Our marriage almost ended but now we are in love again. Thank you! Ajatt Oberoi is the best numerologist! Like I wrote you in my letter my life was falling apart, I talked with 2 different numerologists and they both said my vibrations were ok. But I still felt something is just not right. After I got your reading you advised me to slightly change my name. After a change I can see the difference.

I have more money; each morning is a new happy day for me. I am not worried about anything anymore. I made changes to my name 1 year ago and finally after 40 years I bought a beautiful house near the sea. My kids are able to go swim every day. You are just like a shelter on me as I can't forget your views you have extended to me in my life. Your predictions by inspecting my house have gone true and I am happy to find you in my life.

Thanks for your vaastu suggestion which has been best to me. I was having problems like our family health problem, regular visits to doctor of every member of my family. Also money did not hold in the hand unwanted expenditure occurs every time also being everything, but there was no peace in the house, now everything is ok.

Thanks again. As my work demand I can't be at home all the time and my family always insisted that the house they live in not suiting and somewhere or the other some problem we face but with your Vaastu help we are able to live peacefully. Thank you again for your wonderful work. I noticed a difference the same evening. Everyone in the household slept noticeably better after your work and we continue to feel more peaceful and centered every day. It almost feels as if some stress that was always present is just gone! Even our pets are calmer! I am grateful to Mr Ajatt Oberoi for his profound service he provided me a year ago and for this I am here by writing to him.

I have seen completely opposite changes at my place after he gave a consultation a year back and since then we are living in our house happily and flourishing with everything. My cousin introduced me with this superb man after being seeking his purely scientific consultation without deconstruction. I was reluctant at the start yet called him to seek help in the wake that if my cousin has benefit then might be I also get some benefit.

The moment I changed location and placement of my factory with some rectification which he provided, I was shocked that within 2 months of Vastu consultation my financial problem and labor problem vanished. I m happy and fully satisfied with his service. I am running a school in Delhi, but since the start I had been bearing problem like sudden accidents, poor performance of students and consistent changing of teachers in my school. I got to know about Mr. Ajatt Oberoi and immediately called him to check the Vastu of my school.

Now it is my school only which is acclaimed as most popular and good result oriented. Vastu could be so effective I only realized after changing the position of my bedroom. There were constant brawls between me and my wife since the time of marriage and one day I consulted Mr. Ajatt Oberoi he advised me to change the location of bedroom and I saw unimaginable change in my wife as well as in me.

I am heartily thanks Mr. Ajatt Oberoi for his advice to make our relationship go smooth.

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We are into the business of construction and there was nothing that I could say was wrong in my office building yet something was out of mind and in disguise. He came like an angel and solved my problem just by directing his command and since then I am smoothly working on my projects. Ajatt Oberoi assisted me in selecting premises and altering the premises according to vaastu and I can definitely say his suggestions made tremendous improvement in my restaurant business.

Customers have constantly commented about delicious food as well as soothing ambiance all thanks to Mr. I had bought a new house and had furnished it tastefully but still it was not giving a feeling of wholeness. After we bought the house I met with an accident and before I could recover my husband had to be hospitalized.

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We had to face many traumatic experiences in a very short span. But suggestions by Mr. Ajatt Oberoi have brought in tremendous change for us to live in the same house happily and peacefully. Life as a freelance photographer in Bollywood was always tough. Somehow my struggle was tougher. But once Mr Ajatt Oberoi came into picture, helped me with his advice my fortunes changed. Soon after I made the changes suggested by Mr Ajatt Oberoi, the management presented me with a chauffeur driven car. Now my purse is always full of money. Moreover, my practice has increased manifold.

I am so busy. Earlier, I used to visit my mother every alternate day and now it is once a month! Must say that Feng Shui changed our life. Within less than six months we expanded our business of cheese, are growing as a brand and spreading everywhere. And the man I love. Proposed and we got married. After the Feng Shui changes suggested by Mr Ajatt Oberoi, in the Career corner of my house my wife got promotion in her job and then I got this cushy job in publishing. In less than a month after consulting Mr Ajatt Oberoi, snags from my professional life disappeared.

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I took a chance and consulted Mr Ajatt Oberoi. Winter and Skin Care: Smart tips to ensure healthy skin and hair during winter. Indian athlete Indrajeet Singh shares success tips with the students. The event was inaugurated in the hands of Hon. Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who was the Chief Guest for the event.

I believe that all participants of the Investor Fair will support the development of Visakhapatnam with the help of guidance the gained on the topic of financial planning. On this occasion, Mr. The winners from these colleges were felicitated today at the event. More than 1, students participated in the Quiz competition conducted in colleges of Visakhapatnam as a pre-event activity, to create awareness about the financial markets.

The objective of the session was to help the business eco system of Visakhapatnam to understand how they can explore capital markets as a viable option for their funding requirements. This platform provided an opportunity for the business community to interact with the exchange, merchant bankers and other professionals. During the session, participants were sensitized on topics like financial planning, benefits of long term investment in equity market and the importance of diversified asset allocation, to reduce risk. Investors were informed about ETFs Exchange Traded Funds , which are ideal for retail investors as small investments and systematic investment plans can yield good long term returns, with lower risk than other products.

Member brokers had also put up stalls outside the venue to familiarize investors on indirect ways to invest in the markets like Mutual Funds. Sharing "specific information" with the income tax department about any benami..