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VIRGO Horoscope 12222 – Planetary Transit:

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Planets shift, stars align, macrocosms change, altering the singular human being.

Virgo Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3

Your Karma is touched and transformed. Your future is before you.

It will take place - and you can find out just how. If a coat of fresh paint is needed, invite your friends and family over to help.

Virgo: Free Horoscopes Daily Predictions

A painting party complete with beer and pizza helps the work seem like play. Mars entering Libra urges action on debts, assets, and income. Lucky colours are copper and red. Lucky numbers are 2 and 4. Put on your thinking cap Virgo, because this is a marvellous day for mulling over your financial position.

Lucky colours are aqua and sapphire. Lucky numbers are 23 and As a result you could get your head bitten off for no real reason that you can see.


There could also be skirmishes about what constitutes the truth, so be prepared to stick to the facts when defending your opinions. Lucky colours are red grapefruit and sepia. Lucky numbers are 2 and Thank goodness life calms down today, so you can look forward to a much more serene and peaceful day than yesterday.

Lucky colours are amethyst and apricot. If these folk get very disillusioned and wounded by life they may become reclusive.

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They simply cannot take any more pain from their fellow human beings. Those in Virgo decan 2 who have been sexually abused will either become extremely promiscuous or totally celibate. They can, of course, become abusers themselves though Virgo decan 2 more likely to self-harm than anything else, and this can be through addictions. Those that do become bullies or abusers will be the very last person you would suspect.

They are fantastic at pulling the veil over your eyes. A combination of their wounded look and some serious guilt-tripping can make you drop everything and rescue them in a thrice.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

This may be an idea, a talent or even a prophetic gift. To feel born into an idea or situation.

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As said in the general section, sex is extremely important to these folk with some being very promiscuous or, in modern parlance, polyamorous!